Coscript Consulting

Coscript Consulting, LLC is specialized in custom software development and problem solving for graphic design, digital color printing, and document processing industries. We are familiar with all leading PostScript and PDF interpreters: Adobe CPSI, Adobe Distiller, Global Graphics Jaws, and Artifex Ghostscript. No matter which technology you choose, we can help to configure user and system parameters, choose the right keys for the page device, and deliver the raster image for further processing.

PostScript page description language remains an important presentation format for high quality and high volume printing systems. It is often chosen for graphic output by batch document processing systems directly, or as a precursor to PDF. Yet, generation of efficient PostScript, that achieves the declared output rate of the high speed printer is not trivial. We will use all the tricks in the book to make the printer work as hard as advertised.

The end result of every Raster Image Processor is the raster. We can handle all major raster formats including TIFF, TIFF/IT, Jpeg, Jpeg 2000, JBIG, and PNG.

PDF has become a popular way to deliver digital documents. Yet many small companies on the PDF arena often deliver substandard documents due to the complexity of the PDF format. The problem is aggravated by the lack of feedback caused by high tolerance of Adobe Acrobat to malformed PDF documents. When PDF production constitutes only a small part of a project, employing a full time PDF specialist becomes impractical. Coscript Consulting offers has the expertise to solve your problems on time and on budget.

PostScript and PDF problems can be daunting for a non-programmer. Graphic artists and prepress practitioners have to deal with emerging problems on their own. They have to resort to various folk remedies and witchcraft fixing drop shadows and gradient fills. Coscript Consulting knows the inside of the problem and can fix it quickly and permanently.

Modern software works on different processors and operating systems. Coscript Consulting will deliver a cross-platform solution or take porting projects.

We mainly provide service through telecommuting, but we can visit your office for meetings, code integration, and to work closely with your quality assurance staff near the end of a project.